PepsiCo Super Shopper at SXSW

Tunnel-runner game operated via motion capture controls to raise brand awareness of PepsiCo portfolio products

In 2010, Evil Genius Designs earned a place in the PespiCo10, a competition for up-and-coming startups. As such, we were able to partner with PepsiCo Digital to create an experience at SXSW 2011.

We created Super Shopper, a game that used our Evil Eye motion-capture technology to allow a player to navigate their avatar around a super market using their body to lean left and right. I built Evil Eye from the ground up, using a linux box, video camera, and a capture card, and it was fantastic to see it deployed on such a grand scale.

I built the GUI ActionScript 3.0, including the socket interface which connected it to the Evil Eye box. The game also had a leaderboard component hosted remotely on our servers to track the users with the highest scores.

Additionally, we created a camera interface to take pictures of the guests as they played the game. The guest could then use our custom Twitter-picker (built in Python) to upload the picture they wanted to the SuperShopperSXSW Twitter feed. More than 90% of the guests chose to tweet out their pictures playing the PepsiCo game.

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