Real-time location tracker for finding people via RFID fob movements.

Moving into a new building where the working area would be spread out over 6 floors, there was a need to be able to find people easily and quickly. Fortunately, the building security system ensured that all employees carried an RFID fob to unlock the doors on each floor. I took the feed from the security system and wrote a service to parse and update each person's location on a local rails instance.

The display itself functions as a simple javascript refresh which updates the employee location number, as well as the background color. At a glance, one can tell which people are where, or if they are out of office. I also created a desktop version for ease-of-use, which allows one to sort groups by floor, location, first, and last name.

Each year for April Fools, I substituted out each employee's image for a pop culture character; guessing who was who (and why!) was a lot of fun.

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