The Power is in the Words

Tagg has come to Tilde for one reason: to become a Codecrafter, a sorcerer who can forge her own magic spells. The road isn't an easy one. Tagg must face infinite loops, ornery students, tricky lang-monsters, and the wrath of a powerful queen.

Above all, she will face what it means to be a Codecrafter.

For the words that Tagg is learning aren't just magical. They are computer science.

Codecrafter is set in a world where spells are software, magic is programmed, and one girl must use all of her skills to outwit an enemy bent on her destruction.

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Codecrafter is a middle-grade fantasy novel for ages 10 and up. Programming is a craft, and like all crafts, it can be learned. Just as Tagg learns to code her spells, anyone can learn to program. Codecrafter is a great book for introducing children and preteens to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), especially the dynamic world of programming and computer science.